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eEnergy and Marchwood Power

eEnergy began working with Marchwood Power when they wanted to better understand the high levels of energy being consumed in a particular part of the site. We installed MY ZeERO across 36 individual circuits in the on-site contractor cabins to monitor the energy use at a granular level. Working with team at eEnergy, Marchwood Power, were able to identify the areas where energy was being wasted and implement energy efficiency measures.


About Marchwood Power

Marchwood Power, owns and operates gas-fired power station in Southampton, Hampshire. Since December 2009, there has been commercial generation of electricity and that continues today. The station is expected to generate an approximate of 895MW of electricity for National Grid, which is the equivalent to powering millions on homes. The facility uses the latest technology to retain optimal and efficient functional and minimize impact on the environment. Considering this, Marchwood Power is considered as the most efficient power stations in the UK.


The challenge

Marchwood Power wanted to better understand their energy consumption, areas of energy waste and how they could control this and bring down their carbon footprint. They first needed to understand where their energy was being consumed to determine what reduction strategies could be implemented.


Marchwood Power Station


The solution

eEnergy installed MY ZeERO to understand the consumption of 36 individual circuits that supplied electrical power to the alarms, floodlighting, showers, and servers in the contractor cabins. MY ZeERO collected the data and presents it in real time via the MY ZeERO portal.  Through the analysis of the data, we were able to identify that a large proportion of their electrical consumption was due to the floodlights. After discussing this with Marchwood Power, we discovered that the contractor teams had been leaving equipment and lighting on during out of hours. By reducing the amount of time equipment and lighting were on for, we were able to reduce their out of hours usage significantly. eEnergy also made it possible for Marchwood Power to demonstrate proactive steps taken to contribute to their ESOS audit.

The results

  • Reduced their consumption by 58%
  • Able to demonstrate ESOS compliance
  • Identified energy efficiency projects to further reduce their energy consumption

The system not only provides a valuable tool for identifying areas of improvement, but it also provides the data that assists us with justifying the improvement project in the first place and then also monitoring its success.

Scott Curtis, Electrical Engineer, Marchwood Power Limited

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