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reduction of energy consumption


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Power station identifies energy waste and implements efficiency measures

Marchwood Power, a gas-fired power station in Southampton, partnered with eEnergy to better understand their energy consumption and identify areas of energy waste. eEnergy installed MY ZeERO across 36 individual circuits in the on-site contractor cabins, enabling Marchwood Power to implement energy efficiency measures.

Operating since December 2009, Marchwood Power owns and operates a gas-fired power station in Southampton, Hampshire. The station generates approximately 895MW of electricity for the National Grid, powering millions of homes. Using the latest technology, Marchwood Power is committed to operating efficiently and minimizing environmental impact, making it one of the UK’s most efficient power stations.

The challenge.

Marchwood Power sought to understand their energy consumption, identify areas of energy waste, and implement strategies to reduce their carbon footprint.

The solution.

eEnergy installed MY ZeERO to monitor the consumption of 36 individual circuits supplying electrical power to alarms, floodlighting, showers, and servers in the contractor cabins. The MY ZeERO portal provided real-time data analysis, revealing that a large proportion of energy consumption resulted from floodlights being left on during out-of-hours periods. By reducing equipment and lighting usage, Marchwood Power significantly lowered their out-of-hours energy consumption. eEnergy’s solution also allowed Marchwood Power to demonstrate proactive steps towards ESOS compliance.

The results.

  • Reduced energy consumption by 58%
  • Demonstrated ESOS compliance
  • Identified further energy efficiency projects to reduce energy consumption


By partnering with eEnergy, Marchwood Power successfully identified areas of energy waste and implemented measures to reduce their energy consumption. This collaboration highlights the importance of monitoring and understanding energy use to create a more efficient and sustainable future.

Marchwood Power testimonial.

“The system not only provides a valuable tool for identifying areas of improvement, but it also provides the data that assists us with justifying the improvement project in the first place and then also monitoring its success.”

Scott Curtis, Electrical Engineer


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