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Reduction in lighting cost

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Carbon reduction per year

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Year 1 NET savings

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Year 10 NET savings

Reduced energy use and no capital investment


About Malahide Community School

Malahide Community School is a co-educational, multi-denominational school. In addition to educating nearly 2,000 children, the school also plays hosts to many adult education courses, using a lot of electricity.


The solution

The lights are on from 8am to 8pm most days. They switched to LED lighting with zero capital upfront resulting in a reduction in energy use that will lead to a significant annual saving for the local school.


The result

Annual lighting costs:

Before: €20,668

After: €7,559

We are trying to instil certain values in our students. One of those is a concern for the world in which they live. There is a strong environmental consciousness among the student body and they were very much on board with the initiative. On its own it’s a small step, but we are teaching our students something of the value of making sound environmental choices. It is particularly helpful that in doing so we are also saving money for the school.

Principal David Hayes

The future of energy is in your hands. Let’s take the first step