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Energy consumption reduction

eEnergy and Hilton London Gatwick

Hilton London Gatwick (HLG) approached eEnergy partner GCI Ltd to aid the reduction of energy consumption at their hotel. The key focus was the hotel’s main plant facilities for the various common areas. However, before initiating work, many factors needed to be analysed and understood to develop an effective energy reduction plan. We needed to understand how energy was currrently being consumed and what the financial impact of the consumption.


About Hilton London Gatwick

Hilton London Gatwick (HLG) is linked to the South Terminal, providing customers direct access to the airport. The hotel has 821 rooms as well as 21 individual meeting rooms. As well as these it has a number of energy intensive features such as air conditioning, event and conference space, a restaurant and on-site gym. The hotel and it’s amenities operate 24/7, creating a high level of energy consumption.


The challenge

Hilton London Gatwick contacted eEnergy partner GCI Ltd with the intention of gaining clarity and a plan on how to reduce the energy consumption within their hotel. The initial project step was to tackle the main areas and facilities, such as air handling (cooling and heating) for the hotel’s common areas.  For the accurate plan to be generated by the eEnergy team, there needed to be an in depth examination of how the energy was utilised throughout the hotel and where the potential energy wastage could be eradicated.




The solution

Using our our MY ZeERO platform the team monitored 54 individual circuits that supply electrical power to the various extractor fans, boiler controls and water pumps that are supplied by the main plant room, as well as the building’s two main chillers. The platform collected the data and send it, in real-time, to the online interface, where the energy data can be analysed and energy efficiency opportunities identified.

Using this data, we were quickly able to identify patterns and concerns with the electrical power consumption of individual items, such as a hot water pump, or areas such as the kitchen. From there energy efficiency solutions were identified to reduce consumption. This included educating hotel employees on behavioural changes they could make to minimise energy use.


The results

  • 27% reduction in energy consumption
  • 54 individual circuits measured

Using MY ZeERO helped us identify areas where the BMS wasn’t working as it should and highlighted plant equipment that was beginning to fail. I believe it to be a great asset to reducing energy in the hotel and would thoroughly endorse its use in any commercial property.

Elliott Porter, Chief Engineer, Hilton Gatwick

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