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Churchill College doubles in size and halves its energy consumption

Churchill College in the University of Cambridge, received its Royal Charter in 1960. The college is the national and Commonwealth memorial to Sir Winston Churchill and is the embodiment of his vision of how higher education can benefit society in the modern age. With a world-renowned commitment to academic excellence, Churchill College has some 485 undergraduates, 330 postgraduates, 216 Fellows and 250 staff, across a 42-acre parkland campus.

The challenge.

When one of their graduate accommodation buildings underwent a recent refurbishment, Gavin Bateman and his maintenance team were keen to deploy monitoring equipment to measure their electricity, gas and Solar PV generation.

The team wanted to use the MY ZeERO solution to see not only where they were using most energy, but also to quantify the Solar PV panels that they had installed as part of the refurbishment project.

The solution.

MY ZeERO installed Power Distribution Monitors (PDMs) to measure, in real-time, the accommodation’s lighting circuits, kitchen appliances and small power, allowing the College to gain more visibility over where their energy was going across the area.

The results

The refurbishment saw a doubling of the floor area of the house and twice the number of occupants and because of the actionable insights from the real time visibility platform, actions could be taken to ensure that utility bills did not double, but in fact stay the same, meaning the college saved in the region of 50%.

The solution that Churchill College has allows the maintenance team to not only see in pounds and pence, how much is spent on their electricity and gas consumption, but also how much they are able to offset as a result of the energy generated from their Solar PV.

Churchill College testimonial.

“The circuit level monitoring enables us to look into detail over individual rooms as well as common areas. Being able to double the living capacity without affecting the billed cost has been fantastic for us. Gaining engagement from the students will help us to further drive down these costs.”

Gavin Bateman, Maintenance Manager.


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