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eEnergy and Akeley Wood

Akeley wood needed energy and cost efficient lighting strategy to improve energy consumption and overall aesthetics of their Senior School and Sixth Form. eEnergy engineers completed a full audit to build tailored solutions resulting in cost savings of 64.5% and reduced energy excess energy consumption by 61.5%.


About Akeley Wood

Founded in 1846 as a small all-boys prep school, Akeley Wood School has grown and established itself as the leading education provider across nursery, primary, secondary and sixth form. Providing schooling to over 850 pupils across 3 campuses. Over the years school has been known to provide excellence in innovation and collaborative efforts to improving.

Although Akeley Wood School provides their own individual brand of education, they are part of the Global Cognita Education Group. This results in students participating in collective learning.


The challenge

Following the audit across two sites, it was made evident that LED lighting should be made a priority. The existing systems portrayed signs of aging and inefficient lighting resulting in an increase of maintenance costs and high level of failures. Due to the poor quality of existing artificial lighting it was making visual tasks more strenuous and difficult to complete.

The team analysed average burning hours across the two sites, to help dictate the existing problem areas to create the right solutions for improvement and savings.


The solution

The proposed lighting solution advised is for installation of LED lights throughout the sites to enhance lighting quality and Lux levels within the facilities. Through implementation of this lighting solution, cost and consumption levels are due to decrease, presenting long term benefits for the school.


The results

  • NET savings of £49,980 within 5 years
  • Total NET saving of £ 188, 478 across 10 years
  • Zero capital investment needed to facilitate this solution
  • Reduction of 61.5% in energy consumption for lighting
  • Total 64.5% lighting cost reduction across 2 sites
  • Provides high quality LED lighting
  • Carbon Mission reduction of 24.9tCO2e, equivalent to a total of 1,204 trees
  • Can use energy savings released from utility bill to fund monthly repayments


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